DMP 2.0

1. What will Be
2. Found Myself
3. Benjamin Franklins feat. Rome and Jr. Demus
4. All these Things
5. Today
6. Somewhere Out There
7. Settle Down
8. Complexity feat. Toko Tasi
9. Do You Have What it Takes
10. Hold On
11. Matter of Time
Bonus Tracks
12. Thrive in the Future (From Nobody Cares "Thrive in the Future" EP)
13. Sake of the People (From Nobody Cares "Thrive in the Future" EP)
14. RIP w/ Toko Tasi and Mic Dangerously

DMP 1.0

1. The Hole
2. Don't Worry About None of That
3. Funky Sharp
4. Toast
5. Da Improv Thang
6. Guarantees
7. Weird Ay
8. Shark Tank
9. Pack it Up
10. Inside Your Brain
11. HeartBurn
12. Hiding Out feat. Anesha Rose
13. The Way it is

Clarity EP

1. A Word from Mikey Dread
2. HeartBurn w/ Tim Wu on Sax
3. Soon You Will See
4. Clarity w/ Ray EZ on Trumpet
5. Are You Listening w/ Anesha Rose
6. Human Nature
7. Hidden Verses

Life is Sound EP

1. Relax w/ Ray EZ on Trumpet
2. The Right Time w/ Mikey Dread
3. Looking Ahead
4. My Life
5. Chase The High w/ Ray EZ on Trumpet
6. In Your Heart